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Kaninchen - Krankheiten / "Cannabis" and medicine, benefits and harm that you should know before using
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While marijuana has some real medicinal benefits, it is only partially. and must be used with caution

Cannabis has long been used medicinally. But most people may not know the details. Which components of cannabis can be used to treat disease? including using it properly so as not to incur a penalty or side effects on the body Because marijuana is also viewed as a drug.

Substances in cannabis used in medicine
Asst. Prof. Dr. Sahaphum Srisuma, Ramathibodi Poison Center and Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University states that there are two main types of cannabis extracts: THC and CBD. Most cannabis plants contain higher THC than CBD. They can only be extracted by laboratory processes. It also reiterated that Unsupervised use of marijuana yourself and doctor's advice The risk of harming the body is greater than good.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)
THC cannabis extract can be used for medicinal benefits as follows:

Reduce nausea from cancer chemotherapy drugs.

reduce chronic pain

Reduce anorexia only in certain groups of patients under the supervision of a doctor

Reduce spasticity in patients with certain types of neuropathy (Multiple Sclerosis)
The harmful effects of THC
If THC from cannabis is misused or not careful to use May cause bodily harm as follows:

drunk, hallucination

Addictive and may increase suicide rates

add accident

If received in high doses Poisoning may occur. and abnormal symptoms
CBD (Cannabidiol)
CBD hemp extract can help treat epilepsy in children. specific syndromes Lennox-Gastaut, Dravet

properties of cannabis that have not yet been definitively concluded
Many properties of marijuana that have not yet been conclusively determined and should not be used at present because it is still in the process of research including

reduce anxiety

control tremor in Parkinson's patients



May be able to cure cancer
In a nutshell, each cannabis plant and product There are different amounts of substances. Medical use of cannabis to cure disease or some symptoms Must control the plants used to have standards. Stable content, no THC too high, no contaminants. And there is no conclusive evidence on the effects of cannabis on the treatment of many diseases. Always consider and consult with a medical professional before choosing cannabis to treat any disease.
Kaninchen - Zusammenführung / North Korea reveals mysterious intestinal disease, 800 families aiming to send m
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Four EU leaders support Ukraine as a member Contract for more weapons

Four EU leaders support Ukraine as a member Contract for more weapons
Leaders of four European Union (EU)slot xomember states - France, Germany, Italy and Romania - visited the Ukrainian capital Kiev to express support for Ukraine's accession to the EU. Including a promise to support additional arms assistance to Ukraine.

The four EU leaders not only supported Ukraine's joining the EU. But it also stated that Ukraine should be granted EU candidate status immediately. However, Ukraine still needs to be assessed in accordance with the requirements. of becoming a member of the EU in full and complete

French President Emmanuel Macron said during a press conference that The four countries are doing everything possible to make Ukraine the only one who can decide its own fate. And all 27 EU members will stand by Ukraine until victory over Russia.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said his colleague and he came to Kiev today with a clear message. Ukraine is a member of the European family.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky said it was important for him to hear European leaders say, The end of war and peace for Ukraine should be at the address Crane deems fit. And the Ukrainians will continue to fight for all their lands.

The Ukrainian leader has also urgently requested additional heavy weapons. so that Ukraine can effectively defend itself. and liberate the territories occupied by Russia. Since the war began on February 24

North Korea reveals mysterious intestinal disease; 800 families targeting drug delivery
Central Korean reporter or KCNA North Korean state media reported on June 17 that North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and top officials were preparing to send aid to 800 North Korean families with a member of the mysterious intestinal tract. The disease, which has spread at a time when North Korea is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

North Korea said last week that Acute enteric epidemic outbreak in the country. More from the spread of COVID-19 without elaborating on what the bowel disease is But the term North Korea uses is related to the gastrointestinal tract.

KCNA reported that North Korean authorities have prepared medicine, food and supplies necessary for the treatment of the epidemic and medical treatment. to help people in Chaeju and Gangryong District in Hwanghae Province North Korea

Ministry of Unification of Korea of South Korea stated that South Korea is observing the outbreak, assuming the epidemic is a possible cholera outbreak. or typhus

In Hwanghae Province It is an important agricultural area of ​​the country. And the outbreak has raised concerns that it could exacerbate the country's food shortages. Amid the spread of COVID-19

While the latest KCNA reported that on June 17, a person with a fever was found. 23,160 cases were confirmed on the same day, bringing the cumulative number of cases since April to 4.58 million, while the death toll stood at 73.
Andere Nager / Zimbabwe to issue gold coins as legal tender
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Zimbabwe to issue gold coins as legal tender

Zimbabwe’s central bank says it will start selling gold coins later this month as a way to protect people against spiralling inflation.

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Central Bank Governor John Mangudya said the 22-carat coin would be named the Mosi-oa-tunya, the Zimbabwean name for Victoria Falls, and would contain one troy ounce of gold - a little heavier than an imperial ounce and equivalent to 31.1g.

The coin will be easily convertible into cash and could also be used in transactions, the bank says.

But it will be beyond the affordability of most people, who are struggling in difficult economic circumstances. Currently, one troy ounce of gold costs more than $1,600 (£1,300).

The gold price fluctuates but is seen as a secure investment.

High annual inflation - which last month was measured at nearly 192% - has reduced the value of the local currency, so gold could be seen as an alternative store of value. US dollars are also used as legal tender but there is a dollar shortage in the country and it is hoped that the gold coins could reduce that demand.
Kaninchen - Zusammenführung / Beijing tests 3.5 million people for coronavirus after
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China's Beijing has resumed its5HENGSlockdown. choose from, and there are also online slots promotions. Many more that the website has selected to choose from for free as well. 168 Slots is a slot website that has the most people playing. Received standards in terms of security, stability, support for playing through mobile phones in all operating systems There is absolutely no closing the website to escape. You can trust 100%. After the cluster was found at a 24-hour drink shop in a supermarket in the city center. Officials mobilize to test for 3.5 million people.

On June 13, 2022, Channel News Asia reported that Officials in Beijing, China Accelerate the spread of COVID-19 at a 24-hour beverage shop known for its cheap alcohol and high traffic. with millions of people having to undergo testing while thousands more are living under lockdown measures.

The outbreak has infected 200 people, linked to beverage shops in Heaven. supermarket which is located in the heart of the city This shop has reopened. After Beijing eased measures to contain the coronavirus last week

The situation underscored China's hardships. in making the zero-covid policy a success. As the rest of the world chooses to learn how to live with COVID.

The resurgence of the coronavirus has also raised new concerns about China's economic outlook. which is the country with the 2nd largest economy in the world

China's city of Shanghai has just passed two months of lockdown and lockdown in its most densely populated and commercial hub. has affected the global supply chain

Opening of dining at a restaurant in Beijing It is expected to start on June 6 after the city of 22 million people. fall under a variety of covid control measures for more than 1 month

Shopping malls, gyms and many facilities were closed, while some of the city's public transport systems were suspended. Many citizens were asked to work from home.

“We have to test every day. It's quite cumbersome, but necessary,” said Cao, 21, who works at a convenience store in the Chaoyang District. This is where the last cluster was found.

"The virus situation has done little damage to our business, about 20-30% reduction," he said.

Chaoyang began three days of major coronavirus tests on about 3.5 million people from Monday.