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Homeless people suffering with blistered skin

Homeless people suffering with blistered skin

Homeless charities have been out since this morning trying to offer support to those on the streets.

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They are most concerned about those in tents and have been offering showers and shelter to some of those most in need across London, where UK temperatures are at their highest.

“Rough sleeping is dangerous at any time of year but during the heat we’re seeing this week in particular, it can be life threatening,” says Claire Hopkins, Westminster street outreach manager, at St Mungo’s.

“We’re providing sun cream, water and triaging people to indoor spaces to get respite from the heat."

What have they come across so far today?

“We’ve seen lots of people struggling in the heat," she adds. "Some of our rough sleepers have blistered skin.

"They're very keen to get inside and have a little bit of a break from the relentless heat.”