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Kaninchen - Zusammenführung / Get to know "autism", a very special disorder.
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Share knowledge about health andSLOTXO TRUE WALLETdisease exercise method weight loss tips for good health You can eat delicious food for a long time.

Dr. Thidakan Rujipatanakul or Doctor Ping, a speunerlaubter Spam, Moderator informierent in dermatology and anti-aging medicine, and Dr. Atchara Trachu, a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Samitivej Hospital talked about Autism Spectrum Disorder in order to better understand patients with this disease.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?
Autism Spectrum Disorder is a disorder in which patients develop abnormalities. both in the use of language to communicate and social interaction with behavioral disorders or restricted interests or is it a repetitive scheme?

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Symptoms of language use and social interaction

abnormal emotional and social response
such as

Children are not afraid of strangers.
Children 9 months - 3 years. No worries about separation from mother.
children don't sing along no interaction with parents
Approach your parents only when you are hungry or sleepy.
Approach others abnormally, such as approaching strangers without fear.
Has a disability to show interest in showing interest with others, eg parents pointing out something they are not interested in. show no interest Do not show off your own work to your parents.
Called, didn't turn around, didn't smile back, didn't invite anyone to play. like to play alone
show no love
In the case of an older child You may experience these symptoms such as

not speaking at the right time
speak inappropriately
Only talk about what you like. I don't care if other people want to listen or if they are tired of listening or not.
I can't see how other people feel.
impaired communication
such as

no eye contact
does not indicate the need
Don't nod your head when you want to say yes. don't shake your head in denial
no facial expression or feeling
slow to speak
wrong word order
abnormal speech rhythm
speak in monotone
Whatever he was thinking, he spoke immediately. inappropriate for the situation
Facial expressions are inappropriate for the situation. or showing more facial expressions than usual
have disabilities in establishing, maintaining, and understanding social interactions, such as being unable to develop relationships with peers according to their age Can't play with other people don't understand the rules do not understand the role
Does not understand other people's perspectives (Theory of Mind) that usually have from 4 years old onwards
Do not understand the intentions of other people who do not speak directly, such as joking, do not understand the joke

Has narrow and limited behavior and interests or is it a repetitive scheme?
Kaninchen - Zusammenführung / Studies show that drinking two glasses of wine can help you lose weight.
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The path to becoming a healthy pigเกมยิงปลาseems difficult these days. Therefore, anyone can find how to lose weight to suit your own style, including diet, dancing according to Bebe, going to the gym to exercise But instead of being tired in a single way Researchers have also found another new slimming method: alcohol consumption.

But it's not that it's alcohol and it means it's the same. Because the drink that you want to lift must be 2 glasses of pure red wine only to help lose weight. By the way, why would drinking just two glasses of wine help me lose weight even though most coaches forbade drinking and beer, just like my mom at home?

Researchers at Oregon State University Washington University and Harvard Medical School. In a study conducted with 20,000 female volunteers, more than 70% of the subjects had continued to lose weight over the course of a year just by sipping on two glasses of wine before bedtime.

The secret to not having to move, but losing weight comes from resveratrol. (Resveratrol), an antioxidant found in red grapes. It serves to turn a large white fat into smaller, easier-to-remove fat. Red wine and drinks made from red grapes can help in reducing the weight of young women there.

8 food techniques that help women lose weight in 2 weeks
8 food techniques that help women lose weight in 2 weeks
Read more
In addition, from the experimental results, it was concluded that Red wine, if consumed in moderation, can significantly slow down weight gain in women. Reduce the risk of heart disease Reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer separately. Plus, the hot potency of alcohol decreases our feelings of hunger by 30% while we sleep. When you wake up, you won't feel like having a heavy meal since the morning anymore.

However, although such a method is accepted in many countries But it's not that I can use it as an excuse to hang out before bed. This is because there are several restrictions since the drink must be made only from red wine. Plus, you only need to drink 2 glasses of wine, not counting the amount of sugar in it for those who choose to drink red grape juice instead of wine.

The best way to lose weight is probably to eat and exercise regularly. Because in addition to seeing the results clearly, it also drives our new habits. Then this evening, prepare to open the aerobics clip. Don't let Bebe have fun alone.
Kaninchen - Zusammenführung / Turkey renames country to Turkey, UN approves
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Turkey has begun a movement to officially changeslot walletthe name of the country. to be certified internationally changed to "Turkiye"

On June 3, 2022, Al Jazeera reported that the United Nations (UN) has renamed the Republic of Turkey to "Turkiye" at the request of Turkish authorities.

UN secretary-general spokesman Stefan Dujarric said he had received a letter from Turkish Foreign Minister Maflut Chakucholu on Wednesday. The letter was addressed to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. to ask the UN to use the word "turkia" instead of "turkey" in all affairs.

A UN spokesman also said: The country name change will take effect once the UN receives the letter.

Shawuchoulu said it had sent official notices to the UN and other international organizations on Tuesday.

Turkey began moving to change its official name to Turkey in December after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. issued a memorandum of understanding and asked the public to change the name of the country to Turkey

“Turkia is recognized as the main brand in our country. both nationally and internationally,” Erdogan said at the time, adding that “Turkia is the best representation and expression of Turkish culture, civilization and values.”

Erdogan also advises companies to use the term “made in Türkiye” for their exports. and ordered government agencies to use the word Turkia in their communications.

The BBC reported that "TRT", a Turkish television station. It began to change dramatically as soon as it was announced last year. As TRT explains One of the reasons for the country's name change was to associate the word Turkey with Turkey. related to Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving.

In addition, the word Turkish in the Cambridge English Dictionary means Something that has failed a lot, or a fool too.
Vereinsvermittlungen / 97502, bei Schweinfurt: Snow, weibl., nicht kastr., 1,5 Jahre
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Dieses Gesuch stelle ich im Auftrag von Snows Pflegestelle ein.

Name: Snow
Geschlecht: weiblich, nicht kastriert
Geburtsdatum: Anfang 2021
Farbe: weiß mit blauen Augen
Gewicht: 1,5 kg
Impfungen: geimpft
Haltung: aktuell Außenhaltung

Die zarte Snow ist wirklich eine kleine Schneeflocke, mit ihren blauen Augen. Sie kann sich in der Gruppe behaupten und zieht gerne zu einem einsamen Rammler in artgerechter Haltung.

Mehr Infos gibt es bei ihrer Pflegestelle unter phandasia1@gmx.de
Eine Vermittlung erfolgt nur gegen Vorkontrolle, Schutzvertrag und Schutzgebühr.
Vereinsvermittlungen / 97502, bei Schweinfurt: Wanda, weibl., nicht kastr., 1,5 Jahre
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Dieses Gesuch stelle ich im Auftrag von Wandas Pflegestelle ein.

Name: Wanda
Geschlecht: weiblich, nicht kastriert
Geburtsdatum: Anfang 2021
Gewicht: 2,2 kg
Impfungen: ist geimpft
Haltung: aktuell Außenhaltung

Wanda kam aufgrund von Umzug mit ihrer Schwester Snow zur Pflegestelle und zeigt sich als unkompliziertes Kaninchen. Sie wartet sehnsüchtig auf ein artgerechtes, liebevolles Zuhause. Wanda wird gern ohne Snow zu einem einsamen Rammler vermittelt.

Mehr Infos gibt es bei ihrer Pflegestelle unter phandasia1@gmx.de
Eine Vermittlung erfolgt nur gegen Vorkontrolle, Schutzvertrag und Schutzgebühr.
Vereinsvermittlungen / 97502, bei Schweinfurt: Samuel, männl., kastr., geb. 3.1.2018
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Dieses Gesuch stelle ich im Auftrag von Samuels Pflegestelle ein.

Name: Samuel
Geschlecht: männlich, kastriert
Geburtsdatum: 1.3.2018
Gewicht: 2,3 kg
Impfungen: am 8.7.2022 mit Nobivac plus geimpft
Haltung: Außenhaltung

Samuel hat lange Zeit in einer Gruppe gelebt und ist gut sozialisiert. Gerne kann er wieder in eine Gruppe ziehen, aber das ist kein Muss. Er ist sehr gut verträglich und lebt derzeit in Außenhaltung. Er kann auch in Innenhaltung umziehen, wenn sie entsprechend kaninchengerecht gestaltet ist. Samuel war sein ganzes Leben lang noch nie krank. Menschen interessieren ihn bislang nicht sonderlich, aber er ist problemlos handelbar.

Eine Vermittlung erfolgt nur gegen Vorkontrolle, Schutzvertrag und Schutzgebühr.
Mehr Infos gibt es bei seiner Pflegestelle unter phandasia1@gmx.de
Kaninchen - Zusammenführung / Who Will Own the Billionaire's 1 Trillion Inheritance? Ray Ban Farewell 87
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The billionaire owner of the bans - Leonardo delpgวอเลทVecchio has not only ditched the myth of a dramatic life that has built itself from a poor orphan into the nation's second-richest billionaire. Still leaving a huge inheritance of more than 1 trillion baht

On June 28, 2022, the REUTERS news agency reported on the passing of Leonardo del Vecchio, Italy's richest man. Owner of Ray-Band eyewear, a famous brand in the world. who just left the world on Monday 27 June in Milan

By leaving a lot of business legacy from ray ban glasses to banking business totaling 29 billion dollars or about 1 trillion baht

Leonardo Vecchio's death at the age of 87 not only left the dramatic myth that made him the nation's second-richest orphan. It also left a huge legacy of many businesses in the name of Delfin Holdings for people to guess who it was going to belong to.

Divide the shares for 6 children to own.
Initially, it was assumed that Nicoletta Sampillo, the second wife Billionaire Wecchio married again in 2010, seven years after a divorce, to get a 25% stake in Delfin.

with second wife Nicoletta Sampillo
Another 75% of the shares in the Luxembourg-headquartered company will be split evenly among the six children from the billionaire's three marriages. The first three are from the first wife. One from Sampillo second wife and two from the third wife

When Vecchio was alive Known for wanting to keep his Delphin business strong Therefore, the right to vote for their own children is divided up to 75%.

and to ensure that The Company's three branches have members of the family on boards with decision-making powers regarding the company's assets. By law, the majority of the approval must reach 88.5%.

The property division has been planned.
Quido Corbetta, Italian scholar And family-owned company education speunerlaubter Spam, Moderator informierent, said Del Vecchio knows the complexity of family situations. So he had already made all the arrangements, at least in the paperwork. to deal with the current situation

Delphin's core assets It's holding a 32% stake in a giant eyewear company. EssilorLuxottica It was acquired by billionaire Dale Vecchio in 2018 after merging eyewear maker Luxottica he founded in the 1960s with lens maker Essil. France's Essilor

Among Del Vecchio's six children, his favorite son was Leonardo Maria, the only heir he had with Sampillo. second wife became head of Luxottica's retail department.
Kaninchen - Zusammenführung / UN warns Myanmar execution plan “It could be a war crime.”
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UN warns Myanmar execution plan “It could be a war crime.”
Top UN officials warn Myanmar juntaเกมยิงปลาthat if the execution of four politicians and activists on the other side "may be considered a war crime and crimes against humanity."

Foreign news agencies reported from the city of Geneva. Switzerland on June 21 that from the case of the Myanmar military government It announced on June 3 that it was preparing to execute four prisoners, including National League for Democracy (NLD) member Pure Sayar Taw and one activist Kyaw Min Yoo. senior politics by hanging from the crime of terrorism This will be the first time since 1990 that the death penalty has been formally enforced in Myanmar.

Mr. Nicholas Koomjian, Head of the Mechanism of Independent Investigations on Myanmar The United Nations' (UN) spokesman said all UN related parties would continue to monitor the situation closely, warning that if the executions of the four people were to be carried out charged with war crimes or crimes against humanity or both due to the investigation process “There was no innocence from the beginning.”

However, Major General Jo Min Tun, Deputy Minister of Information of Myanmar and spokesman for the Myanmar military government said that Myanmar is not the only country in the world. with the enforcement of the death penalty moreover At least 50 innocent people, and there are also security officials. died as a result of the actions of these groups. court judgment in giving the defendant the maximum penalty “It is lawful and righteous.
Kaninchen - Zusammenführung / Biography of Shinzo Abe, Former Prime Minister of Japan life-political path
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Open the history and things youสมัครสมาชิกสล็อตshould know about "Shinzo Abe", the longest-serving former Prime Minister of Japan. On the day of being shot during a campaign speech in Nara

Shinzo Abe, 67, is a Japanese politician who served as Prime Minister of Japan and Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party from 2006-2007 and again from 2012-2020.

He is also Japan's longest-serving prime minister. and briefly led the opposition in 2012.

Shinzo Abe is a conservative. which is widely referred to as right-wing nationalism. During his tenure as Prime Minister of Japan He is known internationally for his economic policies. "Abenomics" which implements economic stimulus measures financial easing and structural reforms in the country

Shinzo Abe announced his resignation in August 2020 due to ulcerative colitis. with his successor, "Yoshihide Suga", taking over as prime minister

Shinzo Abe is the son of former Japanese foreign minister Shintaro Abe and Yoko Kishi. He is also the grandson of former Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi.

Shinzo Abe was born in Tokyo. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in political science from Sekay University in 1977 before attending the University of Southern California.

political path
In 1979, Shinzo Abe joined Kobe Steel at the same time he was involved in politics. By becoming a member of the Liberal - Democracy Party until 1983, he served as the secretary of the Foreign Minister of Japan. The person holding the position of foreign minister was his father.

In 2005, Shinzo Abe took office for the first time. by being appointed as the Chief Secretary of the Cabinet

He is seen as a right-wing politician. frankly attractive and is pleasing to the voters.

He was prime minister for a short time in 2006 and became the country's youngest leader since World War II. However, his government received less support. after various scandals

One of them is the loss of government pension records. That affected 50 million pension requests before he stepped down as prime minister in 2007.