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Who Will Own the Billionaire's 1 Trillion Inheritance? Ray Ban Farewell 87

The billionaire owner of the bans - Leonardo delpgวอเลทVecchio has not only ditched the myth of a dramatic life that has built itself from a poor orphan into the nation's second-richest billionaire. Still leaving a huge inheritance of more than 1 trillion baht

On June 28, 2022, the REUTERS news agency reported on the passing of Leonardo del Vecchio, Italy's richest man. Owner of Ray-Band eyewear, a famous brand in the world. who just left the world on Monday 27 June in Milan

By leaving a lot of business legacy from ray ban glasses to banking business totaling 29 billion dollars or about 1 trillion baht

Leonardo Vecchio's death at the age of 87 not only left the dramatic myth that made him the nation's second-richest orphan. It also left a huge legacy of many businesses in the name of Delfin Holdings for people to guess who it was going to belong to.

Divide the shares for 6 children to own.
Initially, it was assumed that Nicoletta Sampillo, the second wife Billionaire Wecchio married again in 2010, seven years after a divorce, to get a 25% stake in Delfin.

with second wife Nicoletta Sampillo
Another 75% of the shares in the Luxembourg-headquartered company will be split evenly among the six children from the billionaire's three marriages. The first three are from the first wife. One from Sampillo second wife and two from the third wife

When Vecchio was alive Known for wanting to keep his Delphin business strong Therefore, the right to vote for their own children is divided up to 75%.

and to ensure that The Company's three branches have members of the family on boards with decision-making powers regarding the company's assets. By law, the majority of the approval must reach 88.5%.

The property division has been planned.
Quido Corbetta, Italian scholar And family-owned company education speunerlaubter Spam, Moderator informierent, said Del Vecchio knows the complexity of family situations. So he had already made all the arrangements, at least in the paperwork. to deal with the current situation

Delphin's core assets It's holding a 32% stake in a giant eyewear company. EssilorLuxottica It was acquired by billionaire Dale Vecchio in 2018 after merging eyewear maker Luxottica he founded in the 1960s with lens maker Essil. France's Essilor

Among Del Vecchio's six children, his favorite son was Leonardo Maria, the only heir he had with Sampillo. second wife became head of Luxottica's retail department.